About Us

Burkina Faso, Africa In the summer of 2008 I took a mission trip to Burkina Faso, Africa where 85% of the country does not have access to clean water sources. After seeing firsthand the dire conditions the people of Burkina Faso live in, we made a commitment to build over 1000 fresh water wells throughout Burkina Faso, […]

Interactive Map

We are still in the process of mapping out the specific coordinates of all our wells and this map will be updated as we compile the information. Thank you for your help and patience. Imagine the impact made on a village with no local water source when people donate time and money to dig  a […]


In the last fifteen years we have created 968 wells in Burkina Faso, Africa and saved thousands of lives because of your generosity. It takes $2,200 to fund a hand-dug well, including the cement needed to line the well and the metal cap to keep the water fresh and clean. Please donate and help us […]