Closing In On 1000 Wells

Since my previous post in 2012, God has guided this mission of 1000 wells in a miraculous way! Many individuals and churches have come together in extraordinary ways to bring clean water to many villages throughout Burkina Faso.

I am excited to say that as of this year, we have now completed 968 hand dug wells. These wells and the revivals that are held at the wells, have brought thousands to profess their love and commitment to Jesus Christ, as their personal Lord and Savior!!! May God bless each and every one of you that has been a part of this mission!

On a sadder note, Pastor Michelle, who coordinated all the completion of the wells, was killed three years ago in a motor vehicle accident. This was very heartbreaking to accept, that a man, who was an incredible Pastor, leader, Father and friend, could be taken so abruptly from us. I know that he is walking with Jesus, looking down at Burkina Faso, that he loved so very much and watching over this mission and helping to guide our hands and hearts as we continue to bring clean water to a country that needs so very much.

Michelle’s brother, Pastor Joseph who worked with him, has taken over the leadership of managing the construction of the wells and leading many villagers to Jesus Christ. We are all blessed to have Pastor Joseph and he is doing an incredible job.

We are only 32 wells away from our mission goal. I pray that all those that have donated to this incredible mission from God will continue to support to bring clean water to villages throughout this country. My prayer is that in 2024, with God’s direction we can surpass the miraculous number of 1000 wells! Our mission will not end then. There is still much to be accomplished. Many more wells need to be completed. Terrorist cells that have come into Burkina Faso need to be forced out. Much grain needs to be supplied to the country. Schools need to be completed. Pastors need to be educated and trained to go into the villages. Cows and plows need to be purchased for families. We all have the ability to work with God and change the lives of so many people, which starts by supplying clean water, that we all take for granted.

Please continue to support this mission, with your prayers, hearts and donations! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

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