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Burkina Faso, Africa

In the summer of 2008 I took a mission trip to Burkina Faso, Africa where 85% of the country does not have access to clean water sources. After seeing firsthand the dire conditions the people of Burkina Faso live in, we made a commitment to build over 1000 fresh water wells throughout Burkina Faso, Africa.

The United Nations ranks Burkina Faso as the third poorest country in the world. The population of Burkina Faso is approximately 14.8 million people, the average income is only about $400 per year. The average life expectancy of men is 51 years and women is 54 years. One out of three children will probably die before they ever reach the age of ten. The deaths are mostly due to a lack of fresh water. The women of Burkina Faso often walk several miles to a dirty stream or stagnant pool, just to fill a bowl with water.

We must act quickly to bring clean water to these people.

To help the mission of building over 1000 wells, I’m asking you to consider helping us bring clean water to Africa. Wells can be completed for $2,200.00 and every donation helps in saving lives.

To make a tax deductible donation, email:


or call (404)-372-0830 / (877) 435-2487

Thank you for your support.

Mike Pierce


Clean Water in Africa, Inc.